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Commercial Auto Insurance specializes in Commercial Auto Insurance serving all of Atlantic Canada.

You know that being on the road is a dangerous place to do business. If you or one of your employees must travel every day on the road, to conduct business the more at risk your company is of experiencing financial loss due to an auto accident.

Did you know that personal auto insurance will not cover liability or property losses that occur when a vehicle is used for business? Commercial auto insurance and personal car insurance are two very different types of policies due to the differences in liability and risk. Personal policies are written with the average needs of private citizen while commercial policies fit the needs and situations arising in commercial use. In the event of a claim, your auto insurance company may deny your claim simply because some business uses violate the terms of your personal car insurance policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance is as necessary as personal auto. Each business has their unique needs and the use of each vehicle requires special analysis. It could be a difficult area for companies to unravel without help.

There is not only the vehicle to consider, or the person driving it, but what about the transportation of product or any services that you can lose.

Your Business Auto Insurance should also include the following;

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Loss of Use

For companies that use several vehicles, this type of auto insurance is also known as fleet insurance. There is also insurance for specialized transport vehicles and cargo, but whether your company uses one vehicle or a hundreds of vehicles, there are several ways to save money on Commercial Auto Insurance.

Are you worried about the cost for Commercial Vehicle Insurance? Don’t be. It is remarkably affordable, especially given how important the protection is to your business, employee and yourself!

Here are ways to lower your costs?

  • Type of vehicle - What type of vehicle you are using for your business makes a big difference in the amount you will be paying in premium.
  • Safe Drivers - You may be awarded a lower premium from the insurers if you employ drivers who have a safe driving record.
  • Mileage - The longer you are on the road, the more at risk you are exposed and also how far you have to travel are important factors in determining your premiums.
  • Bundling your insurance policies - By having all your insurance policies with one provider may give you extra discounts on your premiums.
  • Deductibles - By having a higher deductible you will have a lower premium, however you have to be certain that if an accident occurs, you will have the funds to cover the deductible.

These you will need handy when getting pricing for Business Auto Insurance;

  • The drivers’ license numbers and basic driving records for all drivers.
  • Serial numbers and relevant safety features for all vehicles you wish to place on the policy.
  • If you are currently insured, bring a copy of your Commercial Auto Insurance policy to demonstrate your actual coverage and will be useful to compare your premiums.

Identifying the threats to your business is half the battle, the real work comes with having strategies to confront and minimize those risks. Then it is just a matter of fact to protect yourself and your business with the right insurance policy. has experience in a wide range of Commercial Vehicle insurance. We invite you to contact us via phone, on-line or in person to discuss your needs. We will make it as easy as possible to find your specific coverage.

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