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Keep Safe on the Water

Keep Safe on the Water

Boating Safety Tips that could Save your Life!

Summer is here and along with barbecues, family time and bugs, lots of homeowners enjoy time on the water in canoes, kayaks or boats.

Here are some basic safety tips to keep you safe on the water this summer:

-check the weather forecast before you go and keep an eye on the sky while you are out

-be sure that you have the proper safety equipment on board. Be sure you have enough fuel for your trip and life jackets for all passengers. Be sure that life jackets are being worn and not just on the boat. Knowing how to swim gives boaters and passengers a false sense of security. Life jackets save lives!

-don’t overload your boat. Be aware of the crafts maximum capacity for people and weight and don’t carry more.

-Use common sense when it comes to alcohol. It impairs your judgement and ability to act quickly and efficiently. Don’t drink alcohol while out on the water operating a watercraft.

-watch for swimmers and keep a safe distance from anyone who is in the water

Happy Boating!!


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Keep Safe on the Water

Keep Safe on the Water

Stay Safe on the Water this Summer.

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