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Auto Dealers Insurance

Auto Dealers Insurance specializes in Auto Dealers Insurance serving all of Atlantic Canada.

As an Auto Dealer, you have some obvious risks since the value of your business sits vulnerably on display in showrooms and on open lots each day and night. But does your Auto Dealers Insurance policy also consider the liability inherent in business transactions?

A buyer's claim arising from accidental false information can be just as devastating to your business as a theft or damage to your inventory.

Find below an overview of coverage and options that you can benefit, such as:

A Must; the Dealer Bond…

An automotive dealer bond guarantees that an automotive dealer will operate within the terms of the state Law including consumer protection laws and payment of tax. In general, a surety bond in is an agreement between three parties. These kinds of bonds ensure that a given person will perform their duties as required by law. If they do not, the surety pays out any financial damages to the buyer.

Worried about costs?

Don't be. Auto dealers insurance is some of the most affordable protection available.

As with every Auto Dealers Insurance policy, there are different options, policy wordings, enhancements or amendments available. Your brokers will help to craft a specific policy to suit your exact needs.

Auto dealer insurance is available to owners of new and used car sales dealerships. It is an affordable method of eliminating the risks associated with holding an expensive inventory of garaged and open lot vehicles.

What about your Repair Centre…

What would happen if one of your employees takes a customer’s car out for road testing, makes a mistake and damages the car? Not only do you have to explain to a furious car owner what happened, you also have to pay for the damage. It’s just an example of a risk that owners of dealerships with auto repair centre have to face.

We all know accidents happen and if you’re in the auto repair business, you’ll know better than anyone! All aspects of your auto business must be taken into account; it pays to get the right protections. At, our knowledgeable and experienced brokers have many years’ experience in insuring auto-related companies, multi-location dealerships and Repair Centres. We know how complex the world of insurance can be, but by taking the time to get to know your business, our brokers can build insurance policies that are tailor-made for your auto dealership. We are committed to serving our dealers needs with a competitive and comprehensive Auto Dealers Insurance.

Here are four reasons to get started right now!

  1. With today's lower inventory levels you can probably save money by adjusting the coverage you need.
  2. You can get a no-risk quote right away by simply filling out this short form above. We'll get back to you within a day with an affordable policy that can offer you complete coverage for all aspects of your auto dealership business.
  3. We take pride in our brokerage business and strive to be specialists providing you with an excellent insurance advice and service from local independent brokers across Atlantic Canada.
  4. Our brokers will answer your questions and make the insurance process less demanding for you.

Call us today for a free and without obligation quote or a review of your Auto Dealers Insurance. has a good business relationship with most of the major insurance companies in Canada writing Auto Dealers Insurance accounts.

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